A.muse Tea & Co.

Wholesale Tea & Botanical Supplier

OEM, Custom & Private Label Blender. Distributor of Prana Chai SG


Strong first hand experience and knowledge of product – tea, consumer and wholesale aspect of the tea industry since 2013.

Wholesale of teas, botanicals and flavours at affordable rates.

Quick Turnaround for ordering of ingredients with lower MOQ without incurring international shipping fees involved (especially given the current COVID-19 situation).

If you are in search of specific ingredients we’ll be able to bulk source it for you given we have multiple suppliers which we work with.

Tea Bagging Services - we understand how many local tea bagging companies impose a large MOQ per SKU e.g. 20~30K per flavour and you’d end up with a large stock holding. We’re able to offer lower MOQ per SKU.

We’ll work with you to create your desired blends and it’ll be a quicker turn around given we are based right here at home with you.

We offer the ability to help you create based on your own recipe if you have one ready.

We offer services to blend and pack for you at our facility. This will allow you to sell and distribute to F&B establishments at ease, without having to worry about SFA licensing matters.

About Us


Tea Lady

There is a satisfying tranquility achieved in creating the perfect blend of teas for a specific need. And that’s what we, A.muse Projects — the first boutique specialty tea company in Singapore, have been doing.

Every piece of great art begins with the first brush stroke. Founded in 2013, A.muse Projects is involved in every step of the process to bring our specialty teas to our treasured clients, whom we like to think of as our friends.

It starts with sourcing for tea leaves from countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan and Sri Lanka, to blending, tasting and packing the final products at our commercial kitchen, before showcasing all these beauties on our web-store - www.amuseprojects.com.

From humble beginnings of retailing only in pop-up stalls, A.muse Projects has grown into a wholesale supplier where the bulk of our business is supplying our unique teas to established and well-known brands such as The Warehouse Hotel, Straits Clan, Odette Restaurant, Shangri-la Hotel (Rose Veranda Tea Room), and ATLAS Bar.

Apart from our retail products, we have never wavered from our staunch belief in the versatility of tea. This has motivated the growth of our blending house division where we create custom blends and services in our B2B collaborations with companies such as The Lo & Behold Group. 

Whether it is in the form of corporate gifts or specialty blends during business events, each client can be proud to share a truly unique tea with their distinguished guests. 


Production Facility

3020 Ubi Ave 2, Singapore 408896